Organic Lawn Program Calendar

Here it is! Our Organic Lawn Application Program Calendar with the explanation and timing of applications. This is valid for Rogers Landscaping and all over Northwest Arkansas. Click on schedule (its 2 pages) to view or print. Greg, one of our clients designed the brochure. Thanks Greg.

Benefits of Snow in Landscaping NW Arkansas

Did you know that snow is a natural fertilizer. It’s called the poor man’s fertilizer because it containes nitrogen that gets absorbed as the snow melts. There are some benefits to all this snow we have gotten this winter! Call us for all your Fayetteville landscaping and all of NW Arkansas lawn care needs.

Febrary Turf Tip

Winter annual weeds just can’t take a hint! Dandelion, Henbit, and Chickweed are growing like crazy now. For fewer weeds next year, please mow or spot spray so they do not go to seed head.              

Feb Tip

The philosopher who said that work well done  never needs doing over – never weeded Bermuda out of a flower bed.” R. Everson “That’s why philosophers can be irritating, they sit around and think and do very little!!!” The Organic Lawn Guy