The Organic Lawn Guy

We make your life easier. Our job is to create and maintain a beautiful, natural lawn and landscape that you can take pride in for using sustainable methods. We want our clients to appreciate our work and know they have one less job to worry about. Plus, we can all feel good about helping to reduce chemicals, protecting our local watersheds and doing our part for the planet. Go Green Team! We offer landscaping in Fayetteville, AR and all over Northwest Arkansas.

Our Services include:

Lawn Mowing: Rate: Average Lawn $45.00 per mow

Mowing, Edging, Weed trimming, and Blow off.

Organic Turf Management: Rate: Average Lawn $400.00 to $600.00 per year

My full program is 6 applications per year. Including 3 organic fertilizer applications, 1 microbial
stimulant application, 1 aeration/compost application, and 1 power overseed application.
For Fescue grass the power overseed is in September. For Bermuda grass I have started to power overseed annual Rye in October. I’ve had great result to control winter annual weeds with the Rye grass.
We also offer a three applications per year program to fit your budget. The key is to enrich the soil and then let the power of the overseeder completely transform your lawn! Remember that our price includes the overseeding and aeration.

Landscaping Rate: Price varies

Monthly weeding, New design, Mulching, Organic fertilizers, topcoat/compost, annual color.
We apply our organic methods to “work with nature and environmental friendly principles.” We plant native plants and use rock to enhance the landscape (both require less water.) We love color.
We love to provide our clients with a landscape that is inviting, has unique features and uses organic principles.

We are happy to offer you these and other services. Many of our clients chose to relax and let us take care of it all. We make sure that everything gets done, and your lawn and landscape always look their best.